Speakers Tesha Williams-Flynn
Tesha Williams-Flynn

Tesha Williams-Flynn is an experienced executive in industries spanning technology and  pharmaceutical advertising. She currently works at Apple, where she leads a team whose focus  is ensuring Apple’s technology and platforms are at the forefront of enabling employees of  Fortune 500 companies to do their best work.  

Prior to Apple, Tesha spent over 15 years experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical  industry. Most of that time was primarily focused in senior-level positions within advertising  agencies working with pharmaceutical companies on brand and market strategies. 

Latesha received her undergraduate business marketing degree from UNC-Greensboro, and  also has an MBA from Syracuse University. Her other professional accomplishments include  bringing diversity initiatives to the forefront within the workplace, speaking engagements, and  mentoring young professionals. She is also a Lagree-certified fitness instructor. 

On the personal side, Latesha is married to Dr. Sean Flynn, and they share two beautiful young  children – Eva (6) and Jackson (5).