HUE – A Tech Summit For Women of Color
it's time for women in tech who typically work behind the scenes in tech to come to the forefront to be seen and heard.
J. Dada, HUE Tech Summit

The HUE Tech Summit is a premier conference for students, career women, and companies seeking tech talent. Designed to educate, elevate and empower women of color technologists and techpreneurs across the nation, HUE Tech Summit exists to create a space for women to learn and connect.
Spearheaded by Jumoke Dada, founder of the Tech Women Network, HUE Tech Summit upholds the mantra “No More Hidden Figures.” With the Delaware Valley serving as home to major universities, hospitals, tech companies, engineering firms and more, diversity in tech is crucial. We strive to encourage women of color in STEM who work hard behind the scenes to make major contributions in their field, or break barriers in the tech industry, to come forth and be seen and heard.

Now in its third year, the summit aims to help attendees learn how to break barriers and encourages them to thrive in their pursuits. With speakers who are accomplished women of color in tech our one-day women’s conference changes lives.


The production team is comprised of tech professionals whose work experiences range from early-career to almost 20 years. Each team member brings a unique perspective and varied skillset to the team, creating a varied tapestry of voices. All team members also have a passion to help women and girls in STEM careers.