Speakers Ofonime Brown
Ofonime Brown

Ofonime Brown is a senior software engineer and a social activist, born and raised in Nigeria. Within a decade, she grew a diverse exposure to cutting-edge technology frameworks to create resilient products and share best practices of software methodologies. In 2020, Ofonime was awarded a Global Ambassador to Tech Women Network for her extensive achievements in the tech industry. She was hosted at the world leading tech companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Adobe, Twitter to foster her leadership and technical skills. She has been mentoring youth and women through social organizations to inspire them to pursue their career in technology. She is also a member of several local and global communities which have the same mission to close the gender gap and help women embrace technology by promoting women empowerment. Ofonime serves in WAAW Foundation whose mission is working to advance women in STEM and Tech as she engage on trending topics through a virtual digital space.