Speakers Matu Saye
Matu Saye

Matu Saye is a technologist, an artist, and a social entrepreneur. She is a native of Liberia, West Africa but has Philadelphia, Pennsylvania home for many years. She has worked in the tech field for more than 15 years and is passionate about creating social change through technology. She is also a civil war survival. 

In pursuit of her passion to make a difference, she created a nonprofit organization called Technology for Liberia to use as a vehicle of opportunity for young people (especially girls) in Liberia, West Africa. She works to implement STEM/Technology projects that will serve as game changer in alleviating many challenges while building bridges with others to attend to the urgent needs of the youth in Liberia and other parts of Africa.

In 2019, Matu launched EM2 Tech Global, a technology company that provides services in database management and cloud technology services. As an emerging technology company, she is setting a foundation for growth and expansion into other spaces in Tech such as AI and Big Data. 

Matu is also musically gifted – she is a singer-songwriter. She has produced some musical work one titled, “Let there be Light” that can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.

Matu holds a B.Sc. Degree from the University of Drexel in MIS, a Certificate of Independent study in Business from the Leonard de Vinci University in Paris, France, a MS in Nonprofit Leadership from University of Pennsylvania currently pursuing a Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science from Princeton University.