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Luz Gonzalez

Luz Gonzalez is the founder of EQ Refined. Luz works as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant in her business, EQ Refined, as an Emotional Intelligence Expert. Luz’s passion is to support communication through providing Professional Development Training, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership Training. 

Lack of Emotional Intelligence can leave leaders and teams feeling overwhelmed by conflict. Without the tools to proactively resolve issues, they are forced to react by checking out physically, mentally, or emotionally. An example of this is the Great Resignation. Without proper relationship management and self-awareness tools, organizations will struggle with productivity, retention, engagement, relationship dynamics, and company profitability. 

She has presented her talks internationally on “Unconscious Bias,” “Leading with Emotional Intelligence Series,” and “Hispanic Contributions and Its Future Impact on the Job Market.” Working with me has enabled organizations to attract and retain talent and remain industry leaders. That is why I created The G.A.I.N Model™. It simplifies the process of creating a self aware organization that utilizes Emotional Awareness as a core value. 

By focusing on the internal motivations that drive individuals, Luz enhances assessment, awareness, communication, inclusion, and implementation skills with measurable results, strengthening a healthy work environment. 

Luz currently holds a seat as a Board Member and a Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion of Project Innovate Newark, which is focused on designing and implementing educational programs for students in Newark, New Jersey, by developing curriculums in growing fields, engaging the students, and generating professional development opportunities.