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Jihana Barrett

Meet Jihana Barrett: author, speaker, and founder of CybrSuite LLC. Jihana educates individuals and small business owners on the importance of cybersecurity. With over a decade of experience spanning roles in the government, military, and private sector, Jihana’s cybersecurity expertise has helped to clean up the digital hygiene of thousands of people, safeguarding their most valuable assets, intellectual property, and everyday digital experiences. Her expertise stems from previous roles as a counterintelligence analyst for the United States Air Force as well as a long list of academic cyber credentials including a highly renowned certification as an Ethical Hacker and a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Cybersecurity. A guru on social engineering and online security, Jihana is a bold believer in shining a light on the dark side of the Internet. Her highly popular audiobooks, digital courses, and “OMG I didn’t know that” live streams have made her the quintessential go to for individuals and entrepreneurs alike who want to stay safe online. You’re one click away from being hacked without knowing it – let Jihana show you how to protect yourself. Visit her Instagram to find out how.


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