Semirah Dolan

Co-Founder, Roper

Semirah Dolan is a Blockchain Developer and educator in the Blockchain space. She uses her social media platforms to connect to international platforms and to spread the knowledge of blockchain. Semirah believes that the key to blockchain mass adoption is a general understanding of the technology.

Semirah’s educational background is mechanical engineering and computer science. As of now, In her 5 year career, Ms. Dolan has had industry experiences in the technology, media, aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors. Semirah’s passion lies in helping others. Semirah was an excutive board member for her local National Society of Black Engineers chapter as the President. Semirah’s journey in engineering hasn’t been a smooth road. She vows to share her experience with other women in tech and to extend the ladder down so that other’s are motivated to work in STEM. As she say’s, “A successful women is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.”