Sabrina Lowery

Technology Evangelist / CEO, Legacy Realty & Management

Sabrina Lowery is a serial Entrepreneur and has been a GEEK all of her life. With over 30 years in Information Technology (“I.T.”: From coding to testing to implementing and now teaching), she has embraced technology and incorporated all things TECH in her personal life and businesses. She is the Broker and CEO of Legacy Realty & Management in Atlanta, GA. As a Google Certified Expert, she offers instruction to students, REALTORS and entrepreneurs on best practices for home-based and small business owners with a Technology Business Plan. She is the author of “The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint for Digital Dominance”, available on Amazon. Sabrina is also a Continuing Education Instructor with University of North Georgia in Real Estate, Parkway Real Estate School, Juwai Real Estate Academy, in addition to Teaching Real Estate and Technology training courses with Real Estate Systems Training Institute in Georgia.