Peter Singh


Peter works as an attorney advising startups in Raleigh. This role follows an in-house stint with a private equity company in Durham as a Corporate Counsel and M&A Attorney at Eli Global. Singh received his J.D. from Duke University School of Law in 2015 with Intellectual Property and Corporate Law concentrations and a B.B.A. from Hofstra University in 2012, cum laude, as a Legal Studies in Business major. After law school, Peter worked with Winslett Studnicky McCormick & Bomser LLP, a boutique corporate and entertainment law firm in New York. In his time with WSMB, Peter assisted with a wide range of matters including copyright and trademark cases, complex commercial litigation, dispute resolution, contract drafting and negotiation. Outside the office, Singh serves as a certified FINRA Arbitrator, BBB Arbitrator, and Mediator with VLA and the Nassau & Queens County Supreme Court Commercial Divisions. Negotiation skills are critical and transferable, so he has studied to enhance and develop these skills with training and experience in alternative dispute resolution. He is also a professional musician, model and founder of Alarm Mattress Topper Inc., which is home to his invention, the Timely Topperâ„¢ mattress pad. Versatility and focus may seem like tensile strengths at odds, but the mark of Peter’s brand is the ability to fully engage each endeavor with initiative and intensity before switching gears. As a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arbitrator, mediator, inventor and corporate lawyer, he delivers on his clients’ needs with his own stamp of precision on every project.