Mahesh Chand

CEO, Mindcracker Inc

Mahesh is an award-winning Software Architect and Author, with 20 years of software development experience in building complete solutions using cutting-edge technologies. He has achieved a multitude of titles over the years, consisting of Microsoft Regional Director, 13-times Microsoft MVP, Founder of C# Corner, International Speaker, Author, Software Architect, and Technology Adviser. Mahesh has developed large, scalable, enterprise systems for the Healthcare, Education, Financial, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering & Architectural, Imaging, Construction, and Software industries. Some of the companies Mahesh has worked with includes Comcast, Unisys, Adidas, Microsoft, Exelon Corp, Johnson & Johnson, University of Pennsylvania Hospital, PMI, McGraw-Hill, and Barclays. He has also written several programming books on Microsoft .NET technologies, 1600 articles and close to 500 blogs on Microsoft technologies.authored half a dozen books and thousands of articles on software programming and architecture.

Mahesh has Master degree in Computer Science and Bachelor degrees in Physics and Mathematics. As a community influencer, Mahesh founded C# Corner, an online social community for 3 million developers and IT professionals. As an innovator and author, he works with startups and enterprises that are engaged in building innovative solutions such as HoloLens, IoT, Drones, AR/VR gadgets, AI assistants including Amazon Echo, Google Home, Microsoft Cortana, Cognitive Services, and Bot Framework.