Jay Tolentino

Founder and CEO, Morena

Jay Tolentino is the founder and CEO of Morena, a tech company focused on helping people of color and under-represented minorities find the best beauty and lifestyle brands for their needs. As a Filipina-American, she was inspired by the growing “morena” movement in the Philippines to support naturally tan skin and to fight against common skin bleaching/whitening practices. She combines her software engineering background with previous freelance design experience to develop inclusive technology for all minorities to thrive and be unapologetically themselves.

Jay previously worked as a mobile and full stack engineer at Nuzzel, a tech company that surfaces relevant professional news. She led development and maintenance of their award-winning Android app, voted one of the “Best Apps of 2016” by Google Play, New York Times, and Time Magazine.¬†Outside of tech, Jay enjoys running in new cities and creating vegan versions of her favorite asian dishes for her vegan romantic partner, an app for discovering news.