Dr. Marlo Barnett

Technology Teacher, Chicago Public Schools

Dr. Marlo Barnett is a graduate from Northern Illinois University with a PhD in Educational Technology.  Dr. Barnett has over 10 years of experience in education, a proven record of accomplishments and success in planning, decision-making, consulting, professional development, and administration. A scholarly graduate with a distinguished educational background that possesses a wide range of experiences at multiple levels in a variety of organizations and environments.      

Dr. Barnett believes in serving her community and giving back to the education field.  Currently Dr. Barnett is appointed to the Board of Directors of Northern Illinois Alumni Association.  As an Advocate for equity and diversity in Computer Science, Dr. Barnett is Vice President for Computer Science for Illinois and serves as Vice President for Computer Science Teacher Association (CSTA) – Chicago Chapter.  In addition, she is also working on a nationwide framework for K12 students for Artificial Intelligence.

Dr. Barnett accredits herself for being an overcomer and defeating many challenges in her life.  As an African American woman who grew up in an underrepresented community on the South Side of Chicago, she knows first-hand the struggles that plague the inner city youth.  She knows how the streets of Chicago can be ripped apart by gun violence and gangs. Despite the inner city struggles, Dr. Barnett is a first generation student to graduate from college and to obtain degrees in higher education in her family.   

Dr. Barnett has a bachelor’s degree in ELED from Chicago State University, a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from American College of Education, and a second master’s degree in Educational Technology from Northern Illinois University.

Dr. Barnett describes herself as a very candid person with a lot of ambition that take on challenges that require her to move quickly and traverse difficult obstacles. Indeed, her record of accomplishments as a scholarly student, businesswoman, educator and leader proves her to be a woman of her word.  In her free time, Barnett enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her family.