Briyana Johnson

Student, Temple University

Briyana Johnson is a current student at Temple University studying Management Information Systems and Digital Media Technologies. She was introduced to tech in 2015 while participating in “Girls Who Code” at Viacom. With no previous knowledge of Computer Science, it quickly became a passion of hers once she discovered everything she can do with it. Within the last 3 years, she’s narrowed down an focus in UX/UI design, front end development, digital marketing and displaying visual art and culture. Briyana started a personal blog in 2017 before attending AfroTech in San Francisco to try to build up a portfolio, which then led to father sharing her thoughts and learning experiences. She is now focused on sharing tips and advice on how to use tech as to tool to fully execute your passions. While she still has the rest of my college experience and early career to discover what else tech has to offer her, the progress she’s made so far has opened up many opportunities for her. Briyana in the process of starting her own business, writing her ebook “How to Find Your Niche In Tech” and planning her summer to get an internship on the west coast.