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Reina Lopez

Reina Lopez has over 5 years of event management experience in the corporate and higher education sector. Responsible for managing on-site logistics and correspondence for corporate and social events, she supervises the strategy and execution of one’s event portfolio while working in tandem with internal and external partners. With much care, she oversees processes and project deliverables to ensure compliance during the planning and execution phases.

As Founder of Consciously Made Events, Reina develops and executes highly personalized events to build one’s brand and increase return on investment.  With attention to detail, she is an effective storyteller bringing one’s vision to life through special events, meeting or conference planning. Hosting events with a cause, she communicates unique messaging through artful presentation and inspires audiences to action. With a Bachelor of Arts in Adult and Organizational Development from Temple University, Reina helps streamline systems and processes to maximize results.