Speakers Lola Obamehinti
Lola Obamehinti

Lola Obamehinti is the Global Cybersecurity Training & Communications Lead at eBay and Founder of The Nigerian Techie. Prior to eBay, Lola worked at various Fortune 100 companies. In her spare time, she’s a freelance TV Host and public speaker who specializes in discussing travel, finance and technology topics. Some of the media outlets Lola has been featured in are Salesforce Trailhead LIVE, Yahoo Finance, and Cybercrime Magazine.

Lola lives in the San Francisco Bay area and enjoys connecting with other women technologists, especially BIPOC who are still heavily underrepresented in tech. She is also committed to helping young people pivot their careers into tech from other industries.


Featured on:

  • Salesforce Trailhead
  • Women Who Engineer and Women in Tech
  • Yahoo Finance