Speakers Denise Nicole Francis
Denise Nicole Francis

Denise Nicole Francis is an Atlanta based Sr. Product Designer at Salesforce with a background in UX|UI Design at The Weather Channel | An IBM Business, Visual and Creative Design with Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter India.Arie and Architecture with various firms. With an education from Florida A&M University and Savannah College of Art and Design, she is known for contributing aesthetically pleasing and functional design to the world which is inspired by interacting with people. She is also more recently known for her unique hand-drawn visual note-taking passion. Francis’ claims that a good portion of her successes attribute keeping people at the heart of [her] designs and knowing herself as a designer, but focusing on the humanistic parts of those experiences. Her interests include most things designed, anything creative, as well as an obsession with her own imagination. She is also inspired by her experiences from her Caribbean [Antiguan] upbringing as well as all things dunked in good ethical reason, especially relatable creative content.