Speakers Aunshul Rege
Aunshul Rege

Aunshul Rege, PhD, is an Associate Professor with the Department of Criminal Justice at Temple University. Her National Science Foundation (NSF) funded research, totaling over $1 million (CAREER, CPS, EAGER), examines adversarial and defender behavior, decision-making, adaptations, modus operandi, and group dynamics. She intersects theoretical frameworks and methodologies from criminology with hard science approaches (time series analysis, graph theory, simulations, and machine learning) to foster innovative and multidisciplinary proactive cybersecurity research. Her has been published in the several journals, such as Journal of Information Warfare, Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, and the Security Journal. Dr. Rege is also passionate about educating students about the relevance of the human factor in cybersecurity through experiential learning. She has published in the area of cybersecurity education in several outlets, such as USENIX, Frontiers in Education, and IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference. Her innovative course projects, which promote multidisciplinary engagement, methodological training, and industry-government-academia partnerships, have been utilized by educators and organizations worldwide. Dr. Rege holds a PhD and MA in Criminal Justice, an MA and BA (Hons) in Criminology, and a BSc in Computer Science. She is a NSF Trusted CI Fellow.