Speakers Renata C. Spinks
Renata C. Spinks

Ms. Renata C. Spinks is the 2020 Stars and Stripes Black Engineer of the Year Awardee for Senior Executives Service (SES) Members, the first United States Marine Corps (USMC) Civilian Cyber Technology Officer; completing the Brigadier General Selection Officer’s Course August 2018 and has been the catalyst for transforming the USMC networks, technologies, culture and way of thinking for the Information and Cyberspace Environment. As the USMC partners with the National Security Agency, the Intelligence Community (IC) and United States Cyber Command with the USMC’s mission to secure, operate and defend USMC networks she leads teams responsible for defensive and proactive cyber tooling, techniques and protocols. She also works in support of the offensive cyber operational mission elements focused on degrading adversarial attempts to exploit the nation’s technology capabilities. Honors she has received are 2008 and 2010 Department of Homeland Security Shining Star Award; 2015 International Association of Women VIP Woman of the Year; 2016 Women Influencer of Color in STEM; 2016 Employee of the Year, US Treasury; and is one of St Augustine’s University 2018 “45 Under 45” Honoree and is a USArmy Combat Veteran.