Speakers Catalina Peña
Catalina Peña

Catalina Peña is the founder of Catalyst Creation, a professional development firm that focuses on creating resources to teach traditionally underrepresented professionals how to step into their power and own their career journey.

Being an AfroColombian female who immigrated to the US at 9, Catalina knows first hand the struggles underrepresented individuals face in the workplace. As a former recruiter, she has also seen thousands of qualified job seekers get rejected from the hiring pipeline in Silicon Valley and is passionate about creating solutions to get individuals from these communities hired and empower them to advance in the corporate space.

Catalina has helped thousands of students and professionals gain the knowledge to land a job in Tech by speaking to 10,000+ job seekers at 25+ career fairs, hosting 100+ events, and helping secure 129 offers (~27% URM) at top startups and companies in Silicon Valley. She is currently based out of NYC.