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Adesina Sanchez

Adesina Sanchez – MC

Tech Expert and Founder, GamesGeeksTech.com

Adesina will be the host at the 2019 HUE Tech Summit.

NYC native Adesina Sanchez is an established TV personality, visual artist, and technology professional; with over a decade of broadcasting credentials, and expertise in video production, coding and video game design. After years working as a freelance web developer, she began her TV career in 2005 under her stage name, Desi Sanchez, hosting “LatiNation” on CBS and FOX; and later becoming an MTV VJ. Ms. Sanchez is also known for her work hosting for E! News, VEVO, Bleacher Report, Syfy Channel, Music Choice, TMZ, Major League Gaming, and many more. An avid gamer, she also voiced a lead character in a popular Xbox video game.

Taking a sabbatical from television, in 2014 Adesina combined a lifetime of visual art practice with her computer skills, to become an iOS video game designer. And today, returning to the small screen, she often appears as a technology expert on news programs across the country. She is also the founder & face of GamesGeeksTech.com, which presents fun gaming and tech news with a focus on expanding tech & gaming opportunities for women and underrepresented populations. Her weekly GGT Talk segment airs on the Grindhouse Radio, reaching over 4 million listeners. And as always, Ms. Sanchez enjoys keeping her tech skills up to date by developing web solutions and video content through her company Powerful Creative.